sabbir hossain

Hey there! I'm Sabbir Hossain, a tech enthusiast, passionate about solving technical challenges.

Ever since my childhood, I've been captivated by beat 'em up games. With time, I realized that my passion wasn't confined to playing games; I was eager to understand how they were created. This curiosity led me to the world of 3D animation.

Beginning in 2012, I embarked on various animation projects and content creation endeavors. Throughout this journey, I've always felt compelled to share what I've learned, as my knowledge has been built upon the generosity of others who shared their expertise on the internet. Despite my hesitation about what to share, the drive to contribute remained strong.

I began programming in 2017 and have since developed several AR, VR, and 3D configurator apps. My work has always been project-focused, but it was not until I joined AlterSense in 2021 to develop a product that I began to take programming seriously. The experience taught me an immense amount about problem-solving.

Eventually, I understood that it's never too late—or too early—to share the experiences that have shaped my career. And so, here I am, eager to pass on my learnings in the hopes of making someone else's journey a little easier.

I've always been confused about how to design my landing page and what content to display. Then I discovered Florian Killius's website, and now I'm taking inspiration from his site for my own.

Work and Experience

Altersense Logo

AlterSense Ltd.


2021 - Present
Zoetrone Logo

Zoetrone Studios


2020 - Present
Zoetrope Logo

Zoetrope Studios


2013 - Present
Red Rocket Logo

Red Rocket


2014 - 2017

Thing I've Made

Over the years, I have completed quite a few projects. Here is a glimpse of a couple of the projects that I have completed.