Blender basic shortcuts

Basic Shortcuts in Blender | Sabbirz

Blender Shortcut for Poly Modeling, Sculpting, Camera, Animation etc

3d modelling

Blender basic shortcut

Shortcut Instruction
Alt + r Alt + g Alt + s Reset Rotation, position, scale
S then shift + (x or y or z) Exclude selected axis from scale
m Move the selected object to the collection
Shift + r Repeat the last function
Shift + g Select all child object
z Switch between solid, wireframe, and render mode
Shift + c Center Object
Numeric dot Focus object

Blender Poly Modeling

Shortcut Instruction
e Extrude
Alt + e Extrude Options
i Inset
Ctrl + B Scroll Bevel (for both face and edge)
Scroll to add edges
Shift + alt + s Selection to sphere
Ctrl + R Loop Cut
Scroll to add edges
Alt + z Xray
Alt + Shift + z Show overlay (Edges)
1,2,3 Vertex, Edge & face
Ctrl + (+/-) Grow or shrink selection
p Separate selected faces
Mesh> shading > Smooth Shade Smooth shade
Select faces then shift + d Duplicate selection of faces
Ctrl + shift + n Recalculate Normal
, Global, Local, Normal Space
Select 4 vertex & press F This will bridge between 4 vertex
gg Move along edges or face
Ctrl + j Join 2 object
Ctr + . Change the pivot of the object
Shift + c Change the 3D cursor back to the origin point
Shift + v Move or slide the vertex along the edge
Shift + v then c or alt to show sliding angle

Blender Sculpting

Shortcut Instruction
f Brush Radius
shift + f Brush Strength
shift + space Brush Pop up
Press & hold shift + 'Click' Temporary Smooth Brush
shift + c Crease Brush
g Grab Brush
s Smooth Brush
c Clay Strips Brush
i Inflate Brush
p Pinch Brush
k Snake Hook
Shift + t Scrape Brush

Blender Camera shortcut

Shortcut Instruction
Select Camera then Shift + (backtick) Camera handheld mode
Select Camera then Numpad 0 Camera View
Create Camera then Ctrl + Alt + 0 view from the selected camera

Blender Animation shortcut

Shortcut Instruction
I Set Keyframe
Alt + r Alt + g Alt + s Reset Rotation, position, scale
Up & down arrow Next and previous Keyframe
Shift + F6 or F12 Switch between timeline and graph editor
T Set keyframe interpolation
V Change keyframe handle type
T Set keyframe interpolation
T Set keyframe interpolation
T Set keyframe interpolation

Select a keyframe, move the mouse left or right side of the keyframe and, press & hold ctrl + shift & click, Select the left or right side of the current keyframes