Mastering Cascadeur: Navigating Shortcuts, Keyframes, and Joint Dynamics

Mastering Cascadeur |

Efficiency in Motion: A Deep Dive into Cascadeur's Advanced Animation Tools


Cascadeur Shortcut & hotkeys

Shortcut Instruction
backtick Change between global and local mode
1 Upper body with root
2 Upper body without root
3 Right Hand
4 Left Hand
5 Right Leg
6 Left Leg
7 Head
1-7 We can mix this with other numbers too
Alt + F Add one Keyframe
+ Increment frame between 2 keys

In auto pose mode, select any sphere and activate the reactive auto pose for that specific point using Shift + z

Blue indicates manually adjusting the point.

Green represents auto pose algorithm-supported points.

Dark green signifies auto pose algorithm-supported points.

Filter keys (Keyframe spacing manipulation)

Shortcut Instruction
G Move the selected point towards the previous keyframe position.
L Move the selected point towards the next keyframe position.
J Move objects to their intermediate position between the previous and next frame.
U Move objects to their optimal position, calculated based on their nearest frame.
H Move the point toward the inertial point, calculated based on the previous frame.
K Move the point toward the inertial point, calculated based on the subsequent frame.
/ Set the trajectory interval; useful for showing keyframes even when selecting just one keyframe.

Changing the Axis of Joints

First, select a bunch of joints then right-click to any point and a gizmo will appear there meaning it will be the center of the axis

Pinning a Joint or Point

Select any point and press R, a brown box will appear, and all the joints below that will not be affected by any animation

Easy Posing with "Centers of Mass"

Right click on the Left top Icon beside the camera icon, then Active the Centers of Mass for both VISIBLE & SELECTABLE

Cascadeur Center of Mass |

Then easily pose with Centers of Mass

Cascadeur pose with Center of Mass |

Stopping Floor Collision

Select all the points, then from the right-side panel > Floor collision relaxation point> Disable is_active

Tracking the Center of Gravity

Go the settings> settings window> searchcenterOfMassUnselectedGrounder> Switch is on

Scaling Animation

  1. Drag-select all the keys that need to be scaled.
  2. Press Ctrl + T.
  3. Then stretch the interval.