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vuejs directive

All the Directive and description of VueJs

Directive Description
v-model Enables two-way data binding between form input elements and Vue instance properties.
v-bind (v-bind:attr) Dynamically binds HTML attributes to Vue instance properties.
v-on Attaches event listeners to DOM elements.
v-if Conditionally renders an element based on a truthy or falsy value of a Vue instance property.
v-else-if Used in conjunction with v-if to provide alternative content based on different conditions.
v-else Provides default content to be rendered if none of the preceding v-if or v-else-if conditions are met.
v-for Iterates over an array or object to dynamically generate a list of elements.
v-show Conditionally shows or hides an element based on a truthy or falsy value.
v-cloak Prevents the display of mustache interpolations ({{ }}) until Vue has fully compiled the template.
v-slot Defines named slots in templates for components to fill with their own content.
v-slot-scope Provides an alias (usually slot) to access data passed from a parent component to a child component through slots.
v-pre Preserves whitespace and prevents Vue from parsing the content as HTML.
v-text Sets the text content of an element.
v-html Sets the HTML content of an element, allowing for dynamic HTML rendering (use with caution due to potential XSS vulnerabilities).
v-once Renders an element only once, even if the data it's bound to changes.