Install superset on Windows with WSL and docker

Apache Superset on a Windows with WSL & Docker

Apache Superset on a Windows with WSL & Docker


Apache Superset is an open-source platform for data visualization and exploration, offering an intuitive web interface for creating interactive dashboards and charts.

It connects to various data sources, supporting real-time data analysis. Superset is efficient with large data sets, provides advanced SQL querying capabilities, and facilitates collaboration by allowing users to share insights easily.

It's designed for data professionals seeking a customizable and comprehensive visualization tool.

Unfortunately, Superset doesn't support Windows directly. In this article, I'll show you how we can install and use Superset on a Windows machine.

  1. Go to Control Panel > Programs and Features > Turn Windows Features on or off. WSL on control panelActivate the Windows Subsystem for Linux.WSL feature on control panel
  2. Visit the Microsoft Store and install the latest version of store install ubuntu
  3. Upon installation, the command prompt will open, prompting you for a UNIX username and passwordubuntu user and password
  4. Let's explore the Ubuntu file system we've just installed. In Windows Explorer, paste \\wsl$ into the address bar and press Enter. access ubuntu file system from windowsThis might take a moment, depending on your system.wsl on windows explorerBy default, this directory appears in the terminal when you launch Ubuntu.wsl on explorer
  5. Install Docker Desktop, then navigate to Docker settings. Enable integration with my default WSL distro and Enable integration with additional distros, where your Ubuntu version will appear.docker wsl integration
  6. Launch Ubuntu from the Start menu.ubuntu on windows
  7. Execute docker -vcheck docker versionIf all steps were followed correctly, you should see the expected output.
  8. If there's an error, revisit step 5 docker not found
  9. To check your current location in Ubuntu, run ls -a check current directory on ubuntu
  10. Clone Apache Superset with
    git clone
    git clone superset
  11. After cloning, enter the Superset directory using cd supersetcd into superset
  12. Start Docker and launch Apache Superset by running
    sudo docker-compose -f docker-compose-non-dev.yml up -d
    run superset on dockerThis process may take some time.
  13. Once completed, you can access the interface at http://localhost:8088/ The default username and password are both admin. You should also see a new container in Docker Desktop.access superset on localhost
  14. To monitor user requests in the Ubuntu terminal, execute
    docker-compose -f docker-compose-non-dev.yml up
  15. For further documentation, refer to Apache Superset Documentation
  16. To edit code, open another Ubuntu terminal and execute
    code .
    opening code on vscodeThis will download the necessary packages and open the codebase in VS Code.superset on vscode editor