Meteor Svelte installation & configuration using nodejs

Meteor Svelte installation & configuration using nodejs

Meteor with svelte


As of 1st Jan 2023, Meteor requires node version 14.x

Most of us use the latest node version.

So to use meteor we have to install node version 14 whole keeping the latest version of nodejs

  1. Open CMD
  2. Check the current node version
    node --version
  3. Download NVM (Node version manager) Node Version Manager URLNow install nvm
  4. Open CMD and run
    nvm list
    To check how many node versions are available on the system
  5. Now to install an older version of the node, run
    nvm install 14.0.0
  6. Now check all the available versions of the node in the system
    nvm list
    This time there will be 2 available version
  7. Run this code to use node 14.0.0
    nvm use 14.0.0
  8. Additionally, we might need a specific npm version too, to install a specific npm version, run this code
    npm install -g [email protected]
  9. Now install meteor globally
    npm install -g meteor
  10. Now open the project folder path in CMD or in VScode & run
meteor create --svelte --tailwind .
  1. To run the application, run

or, to run the application with a specific port, run

   meteor --port 8080