Installing Multiple Versions of Node.js on Your System Using Volta

Install Multiple Node Version -

Leveraging Volta to Manage Multiple Node.js Versions on Your System


Conflicting node version is common among users, specially if you work with multiple projects and with multiple stack.

The error might looks like this Node version conflict error -

My favourite choice when managing multiple NODE on a system is VOLTA

  1. Download Volta from the website

    Volta Website

  2. Install VOLTA Check if volta is installed on the system
    volta -v
  3. Install node using VOLTA
    volta install node

    This will install the latest LTS version of Node

  4. To install other version of node, just add @version at the end of node directive
    volta install node@14

    This will install latest version of node 14

  5. Switch the other Node version using VOLTA
    volta install node

    This is exactly the same as installing NODE using VOLTA & this will switch to latest version of node

    volta install node@14

    This will switch the node version to 14 The only difference is, if the version is already available on the system, > VOLTA will switch NODE version immediately